Play Move Breathe ™ Newsletter 1

Hi guys!


If you're a Bodhi Band purchaser - welcome to the #bodhiteam.

If you're into yoga mats and wheels - Namaste

If you're into all three - well are you just so super cool.

Play Move Breathe was founded by Niki and Ellen van Velden as a platform to distribute the fast growing #bodhibands around South Africa and we are excited to announce that we have already expanded.

Liforme Yoga mats are arguably the best yoga mats in the world, used by all the best yogis and now the best South Africans.  We have practiced on Liforme mats for years and are excited to be able to share how practice-changing they really are with all of you.

Still on the yoga note, we have just introduced the Ora Yoga Wheel.  Also a fundamental part of our practice for years, the yoga wheel enhances and enables back bending and flexibility as well as some serious core, balance and strength.

If you are a mover in any way, we are growing as fast as we are meant to to bring you the best accessories to make your workouts better.

We want to thank you for your support and for the being the best team mates ever!

Now go do your day the only way we know how; Play, Move and Breathe

Go team!