Mocana Nimbus yoga mat

Mocana Nimbus yoga mat

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 Environmental impact

The Nimbus is made mostly of Natural Rubber with a Polyurethane top layer. The mat layers are heat bonded and the design is laser etched these measures avoid the use of extra materials (glue and ink) and reduce the environmental impact of the mat. The Nimbus is one of the most environmentally friendly mats on the market.

Get maximum results from each practice with the Mocana Nimbus. Constructed from the latest high-tech Eco-friendly materials, this innovative mat has been designed to for maximum grip, alignment, and support.


To ensure that your hands and feet have optimum grip during your practice, the Mocana Stratus has a polyurethane top layer. This ensures superior performance and durability compared to traditional latex.


A vertical line running down the mat helps you establish alignment during your yoga practice. Once you’ve experienced this feature you’ll wonder how you lived without it.


With a thick foam Natural Rubber support layer, the Mocana Nimbus offers excellent support and is far less likely to cause allergic reactions.


Polyurethane, Natural Rubber


183cm x 66cm (72” x 26”)




2.9kg (6.4lbs)