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Unexpectedly, I fell in love with yoga. About two and a half years ago I despised myself, I was a lost, hyper-allergic mess. I began to teach myself yoga and ultimately learnt my best life lessons yet. I learnt self-discovery, self-love, consciousness, plant-based nutrition, true physical strength and peace in mind, body and spiritual alignment.
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Hi you wonderful human, my name is Dom. For the past few years I’ve been bumbling around trying to figure out what this thing called life is all about. I found healthy eating and healthy living and I’ve sort of based what I do around that up to now. I started a blog, called My Bread and Almond Butter, which is about all the healthy food and yoga things. co-founder of Wild Thing yoga studio with another wonderful human. If you are in Cape Town pop in for a class.
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I work in the field of health and wellness managing and owning my own Biokinetics practice in Westville. I also manage Cadence Cycling Performance Centre, whereby we train and prepare cyclists for specific races and events using stationary bicycles with power meters, personalized training zones and professionally structured training programs.
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I am 25 years old and find more than leisure in rugby and my personal well-being. I found my love for the sport at the age of nine and from then onwards, I excelled at school, tertiary and provincial levels. It has also been a main factor in finding myself and developing who I am today. I enjoy pushing my body’s comfort zones on and off the field and conditioning my body is more than just a lifestyle for me, it’s my life.
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I am a personal trainer at Virgin Active Gateway. I specialize in weight loss, toning, muscle building as well as sports specific training. I love adventure sports such as surfing and mountain biking and I am always keen to try something new.

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I am the proud owner of MickyPFitness. I started off as a skinny petite girl with little to no shape.  Over the past few years I changed my nutrition and training.  After a lot of research I was able to see what works and what doesn't.  I now specialise in women's transformations - creating the ultimate bikini body.  I don't believe in fad diets - I believe in creating a healthy lifestyle.  Balance between training and nutrition.  My ultimate goal is to creating a community where women feel safe to share their experiences as well as lift each other in what ever journey they are on. 

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ISurfing has been apart of my life since I was a little girl. Living a healthy and active lifestyle hasn't even been a question ... It's as second nature as waking up and breathing is to me.

Although competing professionally has been hard work and a current success, being super active 7/7 days a week has been my lifestyle ever since I can remember. I started studying and researching deeper into my passion at the age of 18 (straight after school) and was qualified in all my fields at 19. I then ventured into creating a fitness and healthy lifestyle Ebook called "Bounce By Teal" which I sell directly.

There's never been anything else that has captured my attention more than learning about the movements of the human body and strengths of the mind.

Professional Surfer, ISA Surf Coach, Basi Pilates instructor, Sports and Exercise Nutritionist, Health and Fitness Coach and currently enrolled/ soon to be Elite Sports Mental Coach. 



I grew up on a farm in Zimbabwe and I've been practicing rugby since the age of 5. I moved to Cape Town when I was about 7 and played rugby 1st side throughout school. Straight after school I moved to Durban to join the Sharks rugby for 3 years. I've been playing international rugby for Zimbabwe 15's and 7's since 2012/2013 (5 years). I currently play nor National lCup Champions False Bay Rugby Club in Cape Town. On top of all my rugby I also work full time for Under Armour South Africa as their brand ninja/ team manage

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Fitness was a part of my life that definitely took me by surprise. Ive always lived an active lifestyle - surfed, played sports etc. But at age 15, when I discovered I had Scoliosis, a double curvature of the spine, yoga and training became my second nature. Its started simply as a way to support and heal my spine but very quickly became my escape, my meditation and my sanity. I love being in control of my body and discovering and pushing all its limits to keep my strong at heart. Since then I've completed my 300hour yoga instructors, kept a daily fitness routine and grown a love for the health and wellness of myself and others body, mind and soul.

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My journey in health and fitness started in qualifying as a Biokineticist, but led me to developing an absolute passion for women’s fitness, particularly working with ladies who have always struggled to love themselves. This is how Unjaded Fitness was born, which strives to inspire and change the lives of the everyday wonder woman. Through fostering healthy mindsets and body-loving nutritional & exercise habits, I have learned to help these women transform their lives, teaching them to love themselves a little more and find acceptance in who they were born to be.

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Being competitive in nature: I've always loved sports, fitness, and adventure. Playing in the A/ 1st teams, Provincial and SA sport at school level exposed me to many possible career paths in Health Sciences and I immediately resonated with what would allow me & others to achieving health naturally: I fell in love with Chiropractic.
I am now a registered Chiropractor and the founder of KN Chiropractic situated at iZulu Office Park in beautiful Ballito, KZN. I am fervent about people, wellness, health and moving well as this encourages a healthy brain and nervous system.
At KN Chiropractic we focus on providing holistic care for the whole family (from very young to very old) by assessing nerve function, muscles, tendons and joints, in addition we address stress management, nutrition and lifestyle.
It is so rewarding when a mom thanks you
for getting their constipated child to poop/
getting their colicky baby to cry less & sleep more
or when a long-time headache sufferer is no longer a hostage to their headaches, when you've restored an athlete back to function.

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