about us

PLAY. MOVE. BREATHE ™ was founded in 2015 with the intention to enhance active and soul-centred living. 

 The mother-daughter trio.   


I am the (proud) co-owner of Play Move Breathe, Manifest Yoga Studio and Manifest Online. As a full time yoga teacher and business owner, my every day life is centred around practicing and teaching active living and mindfulness. It has been an honour to co-create these beautiful, wholesome brands and to continue to share tools and avenues to enhance your depth of joyful, intentional living.
 Cell: 0767557640  |  Email: ellen@playmovebreathe.com  |  Instagram: @ellenmayyoga


I am a yoga teacher and small business owner I have studied yoga, meditation, counselling and metaphysics. Always drawn towards the spiritual and metaphysical worlds I found yoga, and finally, a place where these worlds and my human experience could meet. 
Play Move Breathe is a continually growing brand that offers the best quality tools and products to make active living easier and soul-centred living more beautiful. My hope is that we inspire people to keep active and to find joy in playing, moving and breathing. 

Cell: 0824608805  | Email: niki@playmovebreathe.com  |  Instagram: @nikivanvelden




I am the the third part to make up the trio and the social media and marketing manager of Play Move Breathe. I work a full time job at Ad Dynamo and have graduated with an honours in Psychology. Being part of this brand feels like a natural extension of the healthy, active and balanced life I feel grateful to lead. Active and whole-hearted living really is a sacred way of life. 

Cell: 0728883990  | Email: alice@playmovebreathe.com  |  Instagram: @alicerosevv