about us

PLAY. MOVE. BREATHE ™ was founded in 2015 with a goal to make active living easier.

During our hours of training we use music to keep us motivated, inspired and in tune. We designed the Bodhi Band to hold any cell phone or music device yet still feel like a second skin.

The brand PLAY. MOVE. BREATHE ™ was born in Kwa-Zulu Natal by a mother and daughter duo who are established yoga Instructors. They have created the Bodhi Band as a movement against the chunky, unappealing, mass-market, limited and (on many occasions) uncomfortable active wear accessories sold at a high prices in our local stores.

Bodhi Bands are stylish, high quality and comfortable ideal for - running, gyming, yoga or just about any activity where you require freedom of movement and still want to listen to your tunes!

Bodhi is built with social sustainability as a priority and so work with small manufacturing businesses to promote individual entrepreneurship.

Each Bodhi Band is infused with love and sent to you with hugs and hopes for happy active lives.

As PLAY. MOVE. BREATHE ™ has grown we have introduced Liforme yoga mats, Mocana mats and wheels and Manifest jewelry.  Liforme mats are exceptional quality for anyone who is serious about their yoga practice or workout.  



Unexpectedly, I fell in love with yoga. Five years ago I despised myself and was a lost, hyper-allergic mess. I began to teach myself yoga and ultimately learnt my best life lessons yet. I learnt self-discovery, self-love, healing, consciousness, plant-based nutrition, true physical strength, meaning and purpose.

I started teaching yoga as my tool to share the physical practice as well as my lessons with as much of the world as I can. I am grateful that every day, this is the life I wake up to.

I want to teach ultimate physical and inner strength and the power of healing. To teach that, “If you don’t go within, you go without” and that we really have been searching for ourselves in the wrong places. Yoga truly changes people and I have big plans to touch as many hearts as are open to letting me    

Cell: 0767557640  |  Email: ellen@playmovebreathe.com  |  Instagram: @ellenmayyoga



As a teenager I loved sports. I grew up in England and in summer if the sun was out so was I. Playing tennis, baseball, running, competing in athletics or gymnastics. I could be found doing anything that involved movement and play. If the sun wasn’t out then I was to be found in the sports hall playing badminton, basketball and anything else I could find to satisfy my desire to be active.

Then life got in the way, corporate life, family life and everything in between. Soon I found myself facing the big 50 and I had a deep desire to find myself again and to recapture my love of movement. I started running and re-kindled a passion for yoga. I watched by body regain its youthfulness. I became stronger and more flexible. I was stunned by what my body was capable of doing. I was turning back the clock.

Today I teach yoga and maintain my own practice. I continue to get stronger, more flexible and am continually amazed at what my body can do.  

I have gone on to study Meditation teaching, Counseling and Metaphysics.

I hope to inspire people of all ages to keep active. To help them find joy and perfection in play and movement, to find peace in their breath and to offer the best version of themselves to the world.

Cell: 0824608805  |  Email: niki@playmovebreathe.com  |  Instagram: @nikivanvelden